Izumisano Country Club

Izumisano-shi, Osaka-fu

The table below sets out a summary of selected information on Izumisano Country Club.

Region Greater Osaka Region
Inaugural Year 1972
Acquisition by the Sponsor 2005
Number of holes 27 holes
Total area 1,343,189 m2
Attached facilities -
Access 6 km from Hanwa Expressway Kaminogo Exit
Appraised value
(JPY million)*1
No of Visitors FY15/16 101,642
Revenue FY15/16
(JPY million)*2
Utilisation Rates FY15/16(%)*3 92.6

*1 Based on real estate appraisals as at 31 December 2015 conducted by the Independent Real Estate Appraisers.
*2 Revenue includes play fees (green fees and cart fees), caddy fees, restaurant charges, membership fees and other revenues from the golf course.
*3 Utilisation rate = Total no. of visitors per 18 holes/(Total operating days x 200 persons).


The Izumisano Country Club is located in Izumisano City of Osaka Prefecture. The Osaka Prefecture is located in the middle portion of the Kinki region, which is one of the three major metropolitan areas in Japan. As at the end of December 2012, the number of residents was over 8.86 million and the total number of golf courses visitors was 2.06 million for the period from March 2012 to February 2013. This golf course is approximately 6 kilometers from the Hanwa Expressway Kaminogo Exit, which places it close to roads such as the Kinki Expressway and the Hanshin Expressway, and makes it easily accessible from within Osaka Prefecture, a major metropolitan area.

Summary of the Izumisano Country Club

The lzumisano Country Club comprises the Inunaki Course (9 holes), the Inakura Course (9 holes), and the Osaka-wan Course (9 holes). The courses are large, with wide flat fairways and limited out-of-bounds areas. The Inunaki Course is long and relatively difficult, with much room for strategic play. The Inakura Course, although short, makes use of its many ups and downs. The Osaka-wan Course incorporates features from both the Inunaki Course and the Inakura Course, and can be enjoyed not only by advanced golfers but also by novice and female golfers. Its biggest strength is its length and its large size, and it is popular among the younger generation of golfers.

Marketability as a Golf Course

This golf course attracts customers mainly from neighboring areas such as Sakai-shi, Izumisano- shi, Kaizuka-shi, and Kishiwada-shi in the Osaka Prefecture. Access from Sakai-shi, one of the primary customer target areas, is about one hour by car, without the use of expressways. Additionally, a majority of the visitors to this golf course are aged 50 or older and many of these older visitors play regularly on weekdays or for tournaments, and the utilisation rate is approximately 78.1% on weekdays.

This golf course has over 3,900 members. In FY2013, approximately 42.1% of visitors were members and 21.7% of visitors are accompanied by members, contributing to stable operations of the course. Also, Accordia Garden Kashiwara (a driving range) opened in 2011 and visitors from the driving range increased.

Additionally, this course is wide and long, allowing it to be enjoyed by competitive golfers, and it is popular among young golfers as well. This course is open all year long and maintains a stable number of visitors due to the warm climate.