Kisaichi Country Club

Katano-shi, Osaka

The table below sets out a summary of selected information on Kisaichi Country Club.

Region Greater Osaka Region
Inaugural Year 1968
Acquisition by the Sponsor 2005
Number of holes 27 holes
Total area 575,504 m2
Attached facilities Practice area, 12 teeing grounds
Access 7 km from Daini Keihan Highway Katano-minami Exit
Appraised value
(JPY million)*1
No of Visitors FY15/16 103,172
Revenue FY15/16
(JPY million)*2
Utilisation Rates FY15/16(%)*3 94.0

*1 Based on real estate appraisals as at 31 December 2015 conducted by the Independent Real Estate Appraisers.
*2 Revenue includes play fees (green fees and cart fees), caddy fees, restaurant charges, membership fees and other revenues from the golf course.
*3 Utilisation rate = Total no. of visitors per 18 holes/(Total operating days x 200 persons).


The Kisaichi Country Club is located in Katano-shi, Osaka Prefecture. The Osaka Prefecture is located at the center of Greater Osaka Region, which is one of the three major metropolitan areas in Japan. The population of the Osaka Prefecture was 8.86 million as at the end of December 2012, and the total number of golf course visitors was 2.06 million for the period from March 2012 to February 2013. Katano-shi is in northeast Osaka Prefecture, and the time required from major locations in the Osaka metropolitan area is approximately 40 minutes. The adjacent National Route No. 168 connects the Kisaichi Country Club to the Katano-Minami Exit and the Katano-Kita Exit of the Daini Keihan Highway and the Kisaichi Country Club is approximately 7 kilometers and 8 kilometers from these exits, respectively. Meanwhile, it takes about 20 minutes by car from the Ikoma Station of the Kinki Nippon Railway Nara Line and about 30 minutes by car from the Hirakata-Shi Station of both the Keihan Electric Railway Keihan-Main-Line and the Keihan Katano Line. Accordingly, accessibility from urban areas by rail is good.

Summary of the Kisaichi Country Club

The Kisaichi Country Club consists of a total of 27 holes, made up of the Matsu Course (9 holes), the Take Course (9 holes) and the Ume Course (9 holes). The layout of these courses is generally flat with several holes overlooking a valley and downhill holes, and therefore has abundant variations and strategic characteristics. The Matsu Course is laid out on a hilly area with long yardage and broad and spacious fairways. The Take Course utilises considerable differences in elevation and has abundant variations for playing. The yardage of the Ume Course is shorter, but its fairways are narrow and require precise shots.

Marketability as a Golf Course

Customers visit the course mainly from major cities in the Osaka Prefecture including Osaka-shi, Moriguchi-shi and Kadoma-shi, as well as Kyoto and Nara prefectures, which are adjacent to the Osaka Prefecture. The Kisaichi Country Club has over 4,200 members as at the end of FY2013, and most club members are from Osaka-shi because of the club's accessibility from the Osaka metropolitan area. The Kisaichi Country Club is less than 60 minutes by car from within the customer target areas above as it is located almost at the center of three prefectures (Osaka, Kyoto and Nara prefectures).

Member visitors and visitor golfers accompanied by members accounted for approximately 44.6% and 21.2% of the total visitors in FY2013, respectively. The Kisaichi Country Club therefore has a strong customer base against a backdrop of its over 4,200 members. In particular, the ratio of member visitors on holidays in FY2013 exceeded 60%. This figure shows the club's stable customer flow. Furthermore, the maintenance and improvement of several key highways has improved accessibility of the Kisaichi Country Club in recent years, further boosting the club's popularity.