Northern Country Club Nishikigahara Golf Course

Saitama-shi, Saitama

The table below sets out a summary of selected information on Northern Country Club Nishikigahara Golf Course.

Region Greater Tokyo Region
Inaugural Year 1963
Acquisition by the Sponsor 2005
Number of holes 43 holes
Total area 1,328,762 m2
Attached facilities Practice area, 25 teeing grounds
Access 8 km from Metropolitan Expressway/Saitama Omiya Line Yono Exit
Appraised value
(JPY million)*1
No of Visitors FY15/16 149,785
Revenue FY15/16
(JPY million)*2
Utilisation Rates FY15/16(%)*3 88.6

*1 Based on real estate appraisals as at 31 December 2015 conducted by the Independent Real Estate Appraisers.
*2 Revenue includes play fees (green fees and cart fees), caddy fees, restaurant charges, membership fees and other revenues from the golf course.
*3 Utilisation rate = Total no. of visitors per 18 holes/(Total operating days x 200 persons).


The Northern Country Club Nishikigahara Golf Course is located in Saitama-shi, Saitama Prefecture. Located inland in the western part of the Greater Tokyo Region, which is one of the three major metropolitan areas in Japan, and to the north of Tokyo, Saitama Prefecture had 7.21 million residents as at the end of December 2012. The total number of visitors to golf courses in Saitama Prefecture amounted to 3.82 million for the period from March 2012 to February 2013. Saitama-shi is located in southeast Saitama Prefecture and is a 40-minute drive from central Tokyo. Northern Country Club Nishikigahara Golf Course is approximately 8 kilometers from the Yono Exit on the Saitama-Omiya route of the Shuto Expressway. Although it is on a riverbank, this course is valued by golfers for its accessibility and convenient location close to the urban area.

Summary of the Northern Country Club Nishikigahara Golf Course

The Northern Country Club Nishikigahara Golf Course is a riverbank course along the Arakawa River with a total of 43 holes, consisting of the Sakuraso Course (18 holes), the Nanohana Course (18 holes) and the Rengeso Course (7 holes). Designed for competitive golfers who enjoy strategic play, the Sakuraso Course features par-4 holes which have long play distance similar to par-5 holes. The Nanohana Course is popular amongst a wide range of golfers from women and senior citizens to beginners, and allows golf carts on the fairway. The Rengeso Course has 7 holes and is suitable for beginners. It is available for various styles of golf play, such as a half round of play which appeals to elderly golfers.

Marketability as a Golf Course

Due to its convenient and favourable location, the Nishikigahara Golf Course attracts visitors from many cities in Saitama Prefecture and Tokyo. The Rengeso course is a par-3 course with 7 holes and is well accepted by novice and elderly golfers.

This course attracts a large number of golfers because of its large membership of more than 6,400 (including the members shared with the Northern Country Club) as at the end of March 2013 and the accessibility to the large markets of Tokyo and the Saitama Prefecture. The annual number of visitors to this course for the past three years was approximately 150,000 to 160,000, which is equivalent to around 65,000 on an 18-hole basis.

The ratio of members to all visitors was approximately 39.4% in FY2013, and has been stable around this level. The average utilisation rate on weekdays increased from approximately 76.8% in FY2011 to 83.9% in FY2013. Efforts to attract visitors include closed-market approaches, such as direct mail and discount ticket offering to club members, and efforts to reach out to visitors from a wider area through web-based reservations and marketing campaigns including open competitions. Taking advantage of its solid customer base, this course has pursued a marketing strategy of increasing the number of visitors without compromising on the green fee charged. Since 2009, the club has promoted efforts to improve the efficiency of operations, including a change in the method of operating restaurants to a cafeteria style, which has led to higher profitability. Conducting marketing activities solely relying on caddy-less play is another characteristic of this club.