Otsu Country Club Course

Otsu-shi, Shiga

The table below sets out a summary of selected information on Otsu Country Club.

Region Greater Tokyo Region
Inaugural Year 1969
Acquisition by the Sponsor 2009
Number of holes 45 holes
Total area 2,051,043 m2
Attached facilities Practice area, 23 teeing grounds
Access 3 km from Keiji By-pass Nango Exit
Appraised value
(JPY million)*1
No of Visitors FY15/16 155,343
Revenue FY15/16
(JPY million)*2
Utilisation Rates FY15/16(%)*3 85.9

*1 Based on real estate appraisals as at 31 December 2015 conducted by the Independent Real Estate Appraisers.
*2 Revenue includes play fees (green fees and cart fees), caddy fees, restaurant charges, membership fees and other revenues from the golf course.
*3 Utilisation rate = Total no. of visitors per 18 holes/(Total operating days x 200 persons).


The Otsu Country Club is located in Otsu-shi, Shiga Prefecture. Shiga Prefecture is located in Greater Osaka Region, which is one of the three major metropolitan areas of Japan. The number of residents in Shiga Prefecture exceeded 1.42 million as at the end of December 2012, with 1.97 million visitors at golf courses for the period from March 2012 to February 2013. The number of residents is on the rise in Otsu-shi, the capital of Shiga Prefecture, which is located at the prefecture's southwest edge. The location of the Otsu Country Club is favourable, being approximately 3 kilometers from the Nango exit on the Keiji By-Pass. Furthermore, although Shiga Prefecture annually has the most snowfall in the Greater Osaka Region, the Otsu Country Club is located in an area with relatively less snow and has rarely experienced suspension of operations due to snow, allowing almost year-round operation.

Summary of the Otsu Country Club

The Otsu Country Club consists of the Higashi Course (27 holes) and the Nishi Course (18 holes), totaling 45 holes.

The Higashi Course (27 holes) consists of the Nango Course (9 holes), the Amagase Course (9 holes) and the Ishiyama Course (9 holes). The Nango and Amagase Courses (18 holes), which are vast and flat courses with trees, can be enjoyed by a wide range of golfers, from those with a low handicap to those with a medium handicap. The Ishiyama Course has a strategic layout, taking advantage of natural geographic features.

The Nishi Course (18 holes) is more than 7,000 yards and is flat and wide. Its "OUT" course has beautiful, well-designed highly strategic holes with a large pond, large bunkers and many trees. The orthodox "IN" course, which is surrounded by trees, features middle holes with significant yardage. In 2009, a driving range was newly constructed on the Higashi Course and in 2013 the clubhouse on the Nishi Course was renovated.

Marketability as a Golf Course

Most visitors at this golf course are from Osaka-shi and northern part of the Osaka Prefecture, who take advantage of its accessibility. As there is no need to use an expressway from the Shiga Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture, this course attracts customers from a wide range of geographic areas including Osaka, Kyoto and Shiga prefectures, where many of its club members reside.

In the five years since the Sponsor acquired this golf course, the number of visitors has increased from 112,000 in FY2010, when the Sponsor acquired the golf course, to 147,000 in FY2013, with the utilisation rate improving from approximately 74.7% in FY2010 to 80.0% in FY2013.

At this golf course, with more than 3,200 club members (including those of the Otsu Country Club Higashi Course) as at the end of March 2013, the ratio of member visitors to all visitors has increased steadily from about 21.6% in FY2010 to 24.9% in FY2013. Revenues are increasing because of operational streamlining through changing the operational style of the Nishi Course restaurant and generating demand for golf competitions by renovating the clubhouse. Furthermore, by sharing operating staff between the Higashi and Nishi Courses, operation efficiency has been optimised, contributing to improved overall profitability.